Visualize your data with the Java Graph Framework from Tensegrity

Visualization, analysis and modeling of information, processes and structures as well as custom components for software projects and -products

A rapidly-growing amount of complex data has to be made available and understood for business critical decisions.

The clear and concise representation of structures, processes and relationships within your business creates information, enabling you to make correct decisions for the future growth of your company.

Using our Graph Framework, you will have the appropriate tool set to solve these tasks quickly and cost-efficiently by integrating a package of sophisticated and widely-used software components.

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About Tensegrity Software

Tensegrity develops interactive Java software components for the visualization and modeling of business data, which can be integrated into your software applications quickly, cheaply and reliably. The company is serving numerous internationally-operating software development companies as well as companies with their own software development departments.
Since 2001, we assist international customers with the specification, design, implementation and deployment of software applications. Today we are a leading specialist for interactive graphical user interfaces in the Java world. Read about our References